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Amigos Internacionales

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These are a few of our favorite websites from around the world. Check them out if you get the chance, but don’t forget to come back to I Love Medellin!

Costa Rica Sites – Montezuma beach town cabinas that has ocean views – Trips and tours for the St Teresa area of the Southern Nicoya – Mal Pais surfing and surf camps in beautiful Costa Rica
Futuro Verde – Montezuma Area school/escuela for kids up to high school age with an eco vibe
Luna Llena Hotel – Montezuma small hotel near the beach
Luz en el Cielo Hotel – Montezuma hostel/hotel near the beach
Montezuma Butterfly Gardens – B&B with butterfly gardens in Montezuma – Yoga retreat center on the beach – Tours and Travel including ATV rentals, boat trips, etc… – Montezuma Tours specializing in horseback riding, scuba diving, tortuga island etc

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Kuaile – School of Aerial Dance

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Kuaile Escuela de Danza Aerea

Kuaile School of Aerial Dance is owned by Colombiana Ana Maria, and located in the very center of the basement in Vizkaya Commercial Center, in Poblado, Medellin. It’s easy to find… just go into the garage where all the cars are parked, and it’s in the unused space between all the rows of cars.

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Medellin Yoga

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Medellin has several excellent choices for yoga studios, which I have searched out on the internet and through friends, and those that I’ve found so far are listed below:

Element Yoga

Element Yoga Studio in Poblado, Medellin, Colombia

Facebook: Element Yoga Facebok Page
Address: Cra 30 # 8 B 25, 000 Medellín, Colombia
Phones: 3136151898-3127720503
Mon-Tue: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wed: 6:30 am – 8:00 pm
Thu: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Fri: 6:30 am – 12:30 pm

Centro de Yoga Anaisa

Medellin Colombia Yoga - Centro de Yoga Anaisa

Website: Centro de Yoga Anaisa
Facebook: Anaisa Yoga Facebook Page
Address: Cra 25B #20B sur-32. Int 103, 55022 Medellín, Colombia
Phone: (574) 3170355
Mon: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm
Fri: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm

Escuela de Yoga Integral Asuri Kapila Ashram

Asuri Kapila Ashram - Yoga Medellin

Address: Calle 30 A # 79 – 113
Phone: 578-0232 & 301-648-4198

108 Yoga

108 Yoga Medellin Colombia

Website: 108 Yoga
Facebook: 108 Yoga Facebook Page
Address: Calle 5 Sur #30-72 Medellin
Phone: 266-7232

Sarasvati Yoga Inbound

Sarasvati Yoga Inbound Medellin Colombia

Website: Sarasvati Yoga Medellin
Facebook: Sarasvati Facebook Page
Address: Cra 35 Nº 7- 61 El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: 3115744 / 3148814483

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Guatapé, Antiochia, Colombia

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Guatapé is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A hydroelectric dam was built in the 1960s that filled in a relatively flat, yet hilly region, creating an incredibly complex system of lakes and islands.


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Hip Hop Graffiti Street Art of Medellin, Colombia

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Medellin Hip Hop Spraypaint Art

I was very surprised to find a huge amount of high quality hip hop art throughout Medellin. Despite all this art, Medellin still has a very organized and clean feeling. The artists here seem to respect each other’s art and don’t paint over it or tag on top of it. In fact, there’s not as much tagging in general as one might expect in a city of this size.

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