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Kuaile – School of Aerial Dance

Kuaile Escuela de Danza Aerea

Kuaile School of Aerial Dance is owned by Colombiana Ana Maria, and located in the very center of the basement in Vizkaya Commercial Center, in Poblado, Medellin. It’s easy to find… just go into the garage where all the cars are parked, and it’s in the unused space between all the rows of cars.

Open for more than a year, drop in classes are 30,000 pesos (around US$15) and classes are Monday – Saturday. Generally a good time to show up is for the 4:30pm afternoon class. It will start with a 30 minute warm-up of stretches, conditioning, and yoga, and proceed to the silks, where you’ll learn how to climb and do some simple tricks.

You’ll get more out of your first few classes if you have strong hands. Many athletic women who practice yoga or dance, find their first few classes very difficult because their grip muscles give out quickly. After a few classes though, most flexible and strong women will excel at Aerial silk, and find it’s really fairly easy despite the fact that it looks so difficult. So it’s worth sticking with it and doing several classes.


1/week $130.000 pesos
2/week $165.000
3/week $195.000
all days $230.000
Single Class $30.000


Phone: 300-507-7761 / 312-241-9100
Facebook: Kuaile Facebook
Kuaile Escuela de Danza Aerea
Centro Commercial Vizkaya Sotano 4
Poblado, Medellin

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