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Kuaile – School of Aerial Dance

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Kuaile Escuela de Danza Aerea

Kuaile School of Aerial Dance is owned by Colombiana Ana Maria, and located in the very center of the basement in Vizkaya Commercial Center, in Poblado, Medellin. It’s easy to find… just go into the garage where all the cars are parked, and it’s in the unused space between all the rows of cars.

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Parque Central – Ciudad del Rio (River City Park)

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Parque Ciudad del Rio

A huge old factory was demolished to create this long beautiful central park in Medellin. Stretching several city blocks with views of large buildings and Medellin hillsides, Parque Ciudad del Rio has a lot to do within it.

There are many urban sculptures of various types, a very popular and high quality skatepark, a small rock climbing wall, as well as many shady and grassy spots to relax or have a picnic.

At one end of Ciudad del Rio is an amazing display of hip hop graffiti art in what’s called the Galleria Arte Urbana (Urban Art Gallery).

Medellin’s Museum of Modern Art (Museo del Arte Moderna) also is part of Ciudad del Rio.

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